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Submitting Guest Views

Please visit our separate Guest View Guidelines page.

Submitting News

News about your company, products and people should be sent to Your news does not need to be presented as a formal press release, and there is no standard format that we require for letting us know about news.

Due to the amount of news being generated by the software development industry, SD Times is not able to pursue every news item submitted by companies in our market, and cannot acknowledge receipt of your press release or news announcement.

We prefers to be pre-briefed, whenever possible, about upcoming news, so our reporting can be as timely as possible. The ideal lead time for a prebriefing is two to three weeks prior to your release date.

When submitting news, please be prepared to provide high-quality graphics, including screen shots, product photography and pictures of those individuals available for briefing. The use of these graphical materials is up to the discretion of the editors.

Corrections & Clarifications

It is the policy of SmartArenaPost to correct factual errors in a timely fashion. If you believe that SmartArenaPost has published a factual error, please